Does Islam need to be Changed?

OK, this is part of a series of posts that I will be writing in shaa Allah.

Here’s the scenario:

  1. Something very wrong is going on frequently in one or more Muslim lands.
  2. Said wrong is also in clear violation of our Law (I meanĀ shari’a but I don’t like using that word – later on that).
  3. We Muslims failed to do anything about these crimes in our midst for a long time, in some cases centuries. People were hurt and rights violated. The name of Islam was dishonored.
  4. It is called out as part of the ongoing attack on Islam and Muslims and paraded in the media and elsewhere with only thinly veiled inferences that “this is what Islam brought”.
  5. Most of us are quickly divided into two camps:
    1. Heads in sand. Nothing to see here. Move on. Islam is perfect. The Law is perfect and includes everything mankind needs. But, the crimes continue.
    2. Misguided reformers. Look at where Islam took us! Al-hamdu lillahi for the United Nations and all these wonderful people who have brought this to our attention. We will sign up for every program they have set up, use their terminology and methods and eradicate this horrible thing from our backward, Muslim societies.

Get the picture?

The truth is so often found between two misguided extremes.

So, those who SHOULD have explained to us what part of Islam and the Law we have failed to properly analyze, understand and implement to deal with these specific problems are mysteriously silent or off somewhere talking about every OTHER part of Islam mostly in lofty platitudes devoid of real-life application. Those with the most responsibility and accountability in this are the scholars and other social leaders.

Then, we have those who really want to improve the situation but who are quite ignorant of the Law and how it could and should address and solve these problems. Though they may never talk or even think about it explicitly, it is clear that they have come to believe that Islam is the problem and western liberalism is the solution. Others actually advocate this heresy in the open. They both run behind the western and international organizations and unknowingly make a huge contribution to the anti-Islam propaganda themselves.

Some issues of this nature which come to mind are:

  1. Huge disparities in wealth with abject poverty living alongside obscene wealth.
  2. Lack of trustworthiness in business and other areas.
  3. No “rule of law” consistency.
  4. Rampant bribery and corruption.
  5. Kleptocratic rulers stashing billions in their personal accounts.
  6. Spousal abuse.
  7. Forced marriage of very young girls.
  8. FGM.
  9. Abuse of workers of various types.
  10. Intra-familial murder ([DIS]-honor killings).

If we are really “the best nation brought forth for mankind”, how is it that so many of our lands are near the bottom among nations in matters like the above?!

We will see in each one of these cases that there is nothing lacking or in need of change or “reform” in Islam or its Law. Rather, it is our utter incompetence for centuries to:

  1. Understand the Law
  2. Understand our own reality
  3. Understand what our reality SHOULD be
  4. Analyze how – using the Law and our sound reason and intelligence – we can move ourselves and our societies from #2 to #3

The most powerful call (da’wah) we can give to the world is bringing our own affairs and societies in line with Allah’s Law. Nonetheless, this comes after our first concern which must be the Muslim victims of these ongoing crimes and transgressions.

But even worse than that is the fuel it provides for anti-Islamic propaganda. How many souls might have been guided to Islam were it not for these blemishes which are entirely our fault and our failures and shortcomings – all while we have in our possession the greatest and most complete guidance Allah has given to mankind.

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